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Score Improvements

The majority of our students improve over 150 points on the SAT and 3 points on the ACT.


Academic Success

Most academic tutoring students improve at least one letter grade.


Confidence Building

It’s not just grades and scores that go up. Our students gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment.


Looking for a 1-on-1 tutoring program that really makes a difference?

Test Prep

We are the Bay Area’s SAT and ACT leader. Our private and small group SAT, ACT, PSAT, and AP test tutoring is efficient, effective, and customized for each student.

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Academic Tutoring

Our 1-on-1 academic tutoring goes beyond homework help. We inspire and engage students, improving grades and study skills in the process. From kindergarten to college, we’ve got you covered.

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For-Credit Classes

We offer accredited 1-on-1 and small group courses for high school credit. These courses are ideal for students seeking credit recovery or to accelerate to the next level in school.

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Accrediting Commission for Schools

Western Association of Schools and Colleges

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Accredited for Grades K-12

Our tutoring team

I believe that education and mentorship are great pathways for individual growth. View More

Ryan Rusali

Academic Tutor
No matter how much a student may struggle, I continually support them until their goals are met! View More

Aung Yang

Academic Tutor
I listen carefully to students’ understanding and build on it! View More

Amanda Fournier

Academic Tutor
My goal as a tutor is to empower students to recognize their strengths and guide them. View More

Ana Singh

Academic Tutor
My goal as a tutor is to work with my students to promote their strengths while developing skills! View More

Rebekah Kaufman

Academic & Test Prep Tutor
I hope to help students feel empowered and succeed in their own ways! View More

Enya Bours

Academic Tutor
I strive to get to know my students and to use techniques that are tailored to their unique selves View More

Kaitlin Duffey

Academic Tutor
My philosophy is that everyone can learn math. View More

Wade Hampton

Academic Tutor

98% of our students highly recommend us.

 AJ Tutoring has proved themselves time and time again with their professionalism and amazing tutors. I highly recommend AJ Tutoring! 
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What's new at AJ Tutoring?

Is Your Junior Ready for Testing Season this Spring?

Taking the SAT or ACT is a rite of passage for so many students across the country, and can offer a unique advantage for your students’ future! A competitive score that helps set your students college applications apart and our tutors can help your student achieve their test taking goals. If they haven’t started preparing yet, don’t worry! There is still plenty of time to prepare! In our 1-on-1, comprehensive preparation, your student will learn test-taking strategies, review content, and take practice tests. We also offer a small group class for our strictly SAT preparation students! Balancing coursework, AP test preparation, and finals prep on top of thinking about standardized test prep is a lot for any one person to manage. Our tutors and academic directors are standing by to offer you the support that you are looking for! Please reach out to a director today and we’ll collaborate on a plan that makes sense for your test taking timeline.

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Thinking About AP Test Preparation? Let’s Chat!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Advanced Placement, also known as AP classes. These courses can give your student a critical leg up when college application season rolls around and prepares them for the advanced coursework they can expect in their future. The material students learn throughout the year ultimately helps prepare them for the AP Exam that typically occurs in mid-May. Over the years we have seen that students who work with a tutor throughout the year to solidify concepts, and continue with that tutor to prepare for the exam itself are ultimately the most successful! With over 12 years of test preparation under our belts, nearly 90% of our students who complete a full academic and test preparation course with us receive a 4 or 5 on their AP Exam. If you haven’t paired your student up with an amazing AP tutor yet, don’t worry! There is still time to get your student the 1:1 support that they need, so call a Director today to put a plan together for second semester!

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Take Accredited Coursework with AJ Tutoring!

Did your student struggle with a particularly challenging course during first semester? Take an accredited course with AJ Tutoring & High Bluff Academy for second semester! Here are some FAQ’s from real AJ parents!

Q: How is AJ able to offer these courses?

A: These are High Bluff Academy courses that take place at AJ Tutoring. The courses are WASC-accredited and UC-approved and applicable for all colleges. High Bluff Academy issues the transcript and course grade.

Q: Why take an accredited high school course at AJ instead of at school?

A: These 1-on-1 High Bluff Academy courses are fully customized to meet students’ unique educational needs. The mastery-based learning program moves at students’ own pace before proceeding to the next segment of the course.

Enrollment is rolling, so call a Director today to learn more about how 1:1 accredited coursework can benefit your student today!

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