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Our academic tutoring centers and college counseling services deliver results.


SAT, ACT, AP Test Score Improvements

The majority of AJ Tutoring students improve over 150 points on the SAT test, 4 points on the ACT test, and improve AP scores by 1-2 points.


Academic Success

Most students of our academic tutoring centers improve at least one letter grade. It’s not just grades and scores that go up. Our students gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment.


College Admissions Counseling

Our college admissions experts help you navigate the college admissions process. From course selection to college essay guidance, we’ve got you covered.


Looking for a private tutoring program that really makes a difference?

Test Preparation (SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP)

We are the Bay Area’s SAT and ACT leader in academic tutoring. Our private tutors and small group SAT, ACT, PSAT, and AP test tutoring is efficient, effective, and customized for each student.

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Academic Tutoring Services

Our 1-on-1 academic tutoring services go beyond homework help. Our Bay area tutors inspire and engage students, improving grades and study skills in the process. From kindergarten to college, we’ve got you covered.

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For-Credit High School Classes

We offer accredited 1-on-1 and small group courses for high school credit. These courses are ideal for students seeking credit recovery or to accelerate to the next level in school.

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Accrediting Commission for Schools

Western Association of Schools and Colleges

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Accredited for Grades K-12

Our Private Tutors and Test Prep Professionals

The basis of my tutoring approach is that the more you teach math, the more you learn it View More

Zach Locke

Academic Tutor
Every student is capable of achieving results that they didn’t think possible. View More

Kasden Bunker

Academic & Test Prep Math Tutor
incorporate analogous and familiar concepts when a student is having trouble with new materials! View More

Andrew Stephens

Academic Tutor
I also hope to provide inspiration to develop a love of learning. View More

Radha Thakore

Academic & Test Prep Tutor
I gained the ability to find the best methods that help students be successful relating concepts! View More

Liezl Fernando

Math & Science Academic Tutor
Study can and does open portals to new worlds of existence. View More

Krysta Beam

Academic History & Spanish Tutor
As a tutor, I have learned the importance of building strong relationships with my students! View More

Rachel Lin

Academic & Test Prep Tutor (History & Statistics)
I enjoy subjects that require teaching people how to think as opposed to teaching them what to think View More

Kyle Orciuch

Academic Tutor (Calculus & Computer Science)

98% of our Bay area and online students highly recommend us.

 AJ Tutoring has proved themselves time and time again with their professionalism and amazing tutors. I highly recommend AJ Tutoring! 
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What's new at AJ’s Academic Tutoring Centers?

Looking for a Private AP Tutor?

Is your student’s course load full of AP classes? Perhaps there is just one AP course that is more challenging than the rest? AP courses can often make meeting with an in person difficult, however, AJ has a solution for that! We also specialize in customized 1:1 in-person and online AP tutoring to support your student along every step of their journey. The flexibility offered by online tutoring can often be exactly what today’s busy students need to find success. Interested in in-person or online tutoring? Call a Director today!

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Are You Applying to a Private High School?

Congratulations! Your student is taking an important step in their academic journey. Transitioning from 8th to 9th grade is a potentially daunting jump already, but now you and your student are considering private school! As a private tutoring company, we have been rooted in the Bay Area community for 18 years and while the landscape is always changing, AJ is always here to help your students prepare. From HSPT test preparation, to 1:1 interview coaching, to strengthening writing skills, our high school application tutors understand all of the ins and outs of this process and are looking forward to helping you take the next step today!

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Let’s Make This The Best School Year Yet!

The school year is already in full swing! Students are getting to know their teachers and have their first quizzes and tests returned to them. Now is the perfect time to begin academic tutoring. Our team of 1:1 tutors can strengthen yours students foundational skills and help course correct the trajectory of a difficult class before the school year gets t0o far along. They can also help your students maintain their current pace in class, which can help things from slipping through the cracks! Interested in academic tutoring? Call a Director today!

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