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How Math is Useful in the Real World Beyond School!

“Why do I need math?”  “I’m never going to see this ever again in my entire life.”  “This is pointless.” If you hear your students say any of the above phrases or something similar, believe me, you are not alone! The first thing I say to my students is, ... Read More


Critical Writing and Confidence

English students in the Bay Area face many unique challenges. Not the least of which is engaging in a humanities classroom in a tech-dominated region, where the word “analysis” tends to refer first to data and computers and only later and tangentially to the interpretative process that ... Read More


Academic Departments: A Major Asset in Academic Success

From elementary school to college and graduate programs, we at AJ Tutoring have a reputation for being able to teach a wide variety of subjects without sacrificing top levels of quality. How? One important ingredient is our academic departments.   Each subject area AJ Tutoring teaches ... Read More


Getting Ahead this Summer (3 Case Studies)

It’s been a challenging school year for the Bay Area community. At AJ Tutoring, we are incredibly proud of how educators, students, and families have adapted to changes and uncertainties. Looking forward, we are delighted to offer a variety of summer tutoring options to meet the unique needs ... Read More

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