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5 Reasons You Should Consider Taking the ACT!


You should consider taking the ACT exam.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider taking the ACT. Below are five of the best reasons.

1.Study for Both Tests at the Same Time

Most students we work with take both the SAT and ACT because of the content overlap between the two tests. By learning the grammar rules and math strategies for the SAT, you’ve also learned them for the ACT

As a contrast, the ACT has no fill in questions on the math section and no evidence pairs on the reading section. There is only one math section on the ACT and it’s a fully calculator exam. By taking the ACT a few weeks/months after the SAT, you’ll be able to capitalize on your studying for the SAT by taking the time in between to learn about the different strategies for the ACT and focus your studying on those differences

2. Averaging Scores Rather than Adding 

The SAT adds scores from your math and verbal sections for a total SAT score. In contrast, the ACT averages your scores from all four sections (Math, English, Reading, and Science). By averaging rather than adding, one section’s score has less effect on your overall score for the ACT and it is possible to get a perfect score on the ACT even while not getting perfect scores on two of the four sections. If you’d like to take advantage of this scoring difference, the ACT is a good choice for you. 

3. Section Retesting

ACT Section Retesting helps students focus study efforts on individual subjects that are part of the ACT test (English, math, reading, science, or writing) without having to study for the entire test again. ACT Section Retesting is available to all students who have taken the full ACT test. Students can retake one or more single-section subject tests at approved ACT test centers across the US, to improve their scores.

4. ACT Superscoring

To support the growing trend of students taking the ACT test multiple times, score report options will now provide the option for students to send their best ACT test results to colleges and include a calculated ACT Superscore.  Superscoring allows students to submit their highest scores for college admission and scholarship purposes. The Superscore is a recalculation which shows the highest possible composite score across multiple ACT tests and ACT Section Retests. It reflects the average of the four best subject scores from each of the student’s ACT test attempts.

5. You Can Delete Scores After You See Them

The ACT is different from the SAT in that you can view your scores online and then request for them to be deleted from the ACT records if you submit a request in writing to the organization which administers the test. 

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