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A Month Away from the Digital SAT!


On March 9, 2024 juniors and seniors around the country will be sitting for the first round of the Digital SAT stateside! This test has come with lots of anticipation and preparation from our team, our students, and families. We are thrilled to cheer on our students as they join the ranks of their peers overseas. Here are just a few key things to remember walking into this exam:

  • The exam will be shorter — 2 hours 14 mins
  • It will contain fewer types of sections: two (2) Reading & Writing sections and two (2) Math sections
  • It will allow for the use of a calculator on all Math sections
  • They will provide a short passage for each Reading & Writing question
  • It will be computer adaptive – everyone will take the same first Reading & Writing and Math sections, but, depending on your performance, you will get an appropriately leveled second section for Reading & Writing and Math.

This will be the format of the SAT moving forward, so if your student will be sitting for their exam May 2024 and beyond our team of dedicated professionals are standing by to offer support! Ready to begin preparing for this exam? Contact a Director today, and to our students taking their exam in March we wish you the best of luck!

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