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Do Colleges Prefer the SAT or ACT? | Test Prep FAQ

One of the most common questions we get from students and parents is whether colleges prefer the SAT or the ACT.  The short answer to this question is: almost* all colleges accept both the SAT and the ACT equally for admission. The common misconception (especially in the Bay Area) is that ... Read More


SAT vs. ACT – which test should you take?

Navigating the SAT vs. ACT Decision: An Updated Guide Choosing between the SAT and ACT is a significant decision for high school students planning for college. The landscape of standardized testing has evolved, and understanding the nuances of each test can empower students to make an informed ... Read More


SAT Classes Are Happening at AJ Tutoring’s San Jose Office

Our Program and SAT Classes at AJ Tutoring San Jose office AJ Tutoring has assisted over 6,000 SAT test prep students at our San Jose location. Our team of professional Test Prep tutors has perfected the craft of delivering effective and efficient SAT coaching. Our programs encompass the content ... Read More

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