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Educational Link Round-Up


Should High Schools Rethink How They Sequence Math Courses?

“Most students don’t aspire to careers that will require calculus, so high schools must create sequences of math courses that reflect the wide variety of young people’s occupational goals, a math advocacy group argues in a report published Wednesday.”

Warren’s Education Plan, and Why High-Stakes Testing Seems Here to Stay

“Her K-12 proposal includes ending such testing, but there’s less than meets the eye.”

Reading Scores on National Exam Decline in Half the States

“The results of the test, which assesses a sample of fourth- and eighth-grade students, will inevitably prompt demands for policy change.”

Schools Should Follow the “Science of Reading,” Say National Education Groups

“In the wake of falling reading scores on the test known as the Nation’s Report Card, 12 major education groups are calling on schools to adopt evidence-based reading instruction.”

Tech, Teens and Trust: Navigating the Digital World of Our Children

“It is vital that parents model the behaviour they expect from their kids when it comes to the use of devices and social media. A family mission statement on how, when and where smartphones are used can be helpful if it’s something everyone buys into. Experts suggest that parents are best placed as mentors rather than micromanagers when it comes to the use of technology, with the idea that conversation is more powerful than coercion. You might decide, for example, to keep mealtimes tech-free, but it won’t work if parents have iWatches pinging messages to them over pizza. Thinking about your relationship with digital tech, and discussing it as a family is a great place to start.”

The Education Industry’s New Teacher: Sports

“By implementing technology in the classroom and learning how to use new apps and platforms, teachers are able to stay on top of learner progress and provide immediate feedback that will improve performance. Teachers, like sports coaches, have to learn about the latest technologies so they’re able to build the skills and the talents of others.”

Geometry Using the Game of Set

“This activity brings to mind several questions that all lead to set theory and combinatorics. I am in awe that a fun way to spend a summer afternoon with friends can lead to such complex constructions and deep mathematics. This is why I find such joy in mathematics. That it is an extension of the essential ideas of geometry in a new context just makes it more fun.”

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