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Students Triumph on the Digital PSAT with AJ Tutoring’s Support


This past fall, the Digital PSAT was offered for the first time, introducing a new era in standardized testing. As students begin preparing for this dramatic change to the SAT, AJ Tutoring has been closely monitoring the transition to the Digital SAT and supporting our students through the transition.

We’re eager to share insights from two AJ Tutoring students who took the Digital PSAT. Their stories illustrate the tangible impact of our personalized tutoring methods, continually refined by student feedback. Join us in celebrating these personal achievements and the ongoing journey of learning and growth at AJ Tutoring.

Ariana’s Digital PSAT Story

Ariana Gauba, a junior at Harker, recently took on the first administration of the Digital PSAT in October 2023. This case study explores how AJ Tutoring’s test prep work for the pencil-and-paper ACT seamlessly transitioned to support a student’s success on the digital PSAT platform and provides valuable insights into Ariana’s experiences with the new Digital PSAT format.


Ariana is no novice when it comes to standardized tests; she took the paper-based PSAT in 2022 and worked with AJ tutoring in preparation for the paper-based ACT in October 2023. These experiences helped her feel confident when she sat for the digital PSAT at her school earlier this fall.

Ariana entered the digital testing landscape like many others, not knowing what to expect. Nevertheless, the solid foundation built by AJ Tutoring’s comprehensive ACT prep program gave her confidence. Choosing AJ Tutoring was a strategic move, inspired by her desire for a reliable and knowledgeable guide through the entire test prep process.

“What was your overall experience with Digital PSAT?”

“The test turned out to be much simpler than I expected. The strategies (I acquired during my ACT prep) provided a comforting sense of recognition and mastery amidst the new format,” Ariana remarked.

“I also noticed that the Digital PSAT test had shorter reading passages than the more extended Reading passages on the ACT and previous version of the PSAT I took last year… My ACT prep was partially helpful when I noticed the digital PSAT reading section included some questions with graphs and tables.”

These types of questions might have been intimidating to a typical student; however, Ariana found them to be an unexpected advantage, thanks to her practice with this type of data representation question during her prep with AJ Tutoring for the pen-and-paper ACT.

Why Ariana Valued AJ Tutoring’s Approach

When Ariana took the Digital PSAT in October 2023, she was surprised to find that the strategies and content knowledge acquired during her ACT sessions were equally applicable to the digital PSAT. A focus on understanding varied question types and the strategic implementation of tools like the Desmos calculator were crucial for her seamless transition.

Applying AJ Tutoring’s Strategies

Ariana deftly applied the strategies from her ACT prep, especially in the English and initial math sections, where she finished well ahead of time. This efficiency mirrors our approach’s potency and the less stringent time constraints of the digital PSAT. The resemblance between the ACT’s science section and the PSAT’s data-centric tasks further demonstrates the portability of AJ Tutoring’s imparted skills.


Ariana’s endeavor ended with a deep feeling of success. Her effective time management, adept tackling of novel question types, and proficient use of digital tools all underscore AJ Tutoring’s digital test prep excellence. Her skillful shift to the digital domain affirms the quality of her preparation.

Ariana’s story exemplifies how AJ Tutoring can convert uncertainty into success. For those aiming to mirror her performance on digital standardized tests, AJ Tutoring offers personalized tactics and state-of-the-art tools. Embark on your journey to digital test mastery with us today.

Another Digital PSAT Story

A student at Presentation High School, who prefers to remain anonymous, started with AJ Tutoring the summer before her freshman year for academic math support. Her math tutoring at AJ Tutoring built a strong foundation for future academic endeavors. As she entered her junior year, she shifted focus to the SAT, joining a summer group class at AJ Tutoring tailored for the traditional pen-and-paper exam. This preparation set her up for success on the 2023 digital PSAT.

She might have been at a disadvantage having only taken one digital practice exam prior. However, the strategies from the traditional SAT class were seamlessly adaptable to the digital format, enabling her to excel.

This student’s readiness for the digital PSAT was the result of both her math foundation solidified by AJ and AJ Tutoring’s comprehensive test prep support, exemplifying the effective synergy between student effort and our educational resources.

The Challenge of Transitioning to Digital SAT

The shift from paper to digital testing is significant. Our student faced the same challenges as many students but stood out due to AJ Tutoring’s proactive strategy that transformed a hurdle into an opportunity for excellence.

Why She Chose AJ Tutoring’s SAT Prep

After evaluating different prep options, this student and her family found AJ Tutoring’s individualized strategies and proven record of success to be unparalleled. Our personalized approach and our course’s adaptability to digital testing cemented her decision.

How She Used AJ Tutoring

Our student strategically leveraged AJ Tutoring’s resources. The interactive lessons and focus on time management were integral to her performance. She noted, “The elimination methods we practiced were extremely helpful, particularly for the reading section.”

The Results

The results were impressive. She navigated the digital SAT with confidence and found the questions more approachable than those on paper-based tests—a testament to AJ Tutoring’s effective curriculum and its ability to boost student confidence.

This student’s achievements underscore the value of AJ Tutoring’s SAT Prep. For those aiming to convert potential into real performance, we invite you to embark on your journey to Digital SAT success with us.

AJ Tutoring’s Take

This student’s journey with AJ Tutoring illustrates the enduring relevance and adaptability of our teaching methodology. The core strategies and foundational concepts acquired through our SAT class transcended the shift from paper to digital, highlighting the versatility and depth of our prep courses. At AJ Tutoring, we pride ourselves on crafting a curriculum that not only targets the exams at hand but also instills skills that yield long-term academic advantages.

Whether it was the math test-taking techniques or the verbal strategies, she found that her preparation was not just applicable but crucial to conquering the digital SAT—and these strategies hold just as true for other standardized tests like the ACT. Language and grammar rules, along with critical reading strategies and techniques, are fundamental elements of any high school or college standardized examination. Her experience reaffirms that AJ Tutoring’s approach is designed not just to prepare students for a test but to equip them with an educational toolkit that is effective across all their academic pursuits.

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