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The AP Capstone Diploma: AP Seminar and AP Research


In the increasingly competitive high school environment of Silicon Valley, there is no shortage of ambition to “get ahead”. Every day there seem to be new and exciting opportunities emerging for students to expand their academic accomplishments, from extracurricular activities such as clubs and internships, to an ever-growing library of advanced-standing courses. 

To keep up with this demand for excellence, the College Board has recently introduced the AP Capstone Diploma program — a sequence of Advanced Placement courses designed to introduce Sophomore and Junior-level students to the rigors of scholarly research. Upon completion of the year-long AP Seminar and Research courses, and the accompanying AP Exams with a score of 3 or better, as well as 4 additional AP-level courses, students receive the AP Capstone Diploma appended to their CollegeBoard Common Application. This prestigious diploma elevates a student’s application to the next level, allowing them to stand out in the competitive environment of Silicon Valley and higher education as a whole!

At AJ Tutoring, our exceptional staff of tutors are well-versed in the rigors and requirements of the AP Capstone program, and we have eagerly developed fantastic strategies to help students succeed in the face of AP Seminar and Research. Here are some details about our one-on-one tutoring programs for these courses:

Our AP Seminar tutors help their students learn the fundamentals of investigation and synthesis, composing APA-style essay assignments and developing complex theses to satisfy the demands of the AP Seminar class. AP Seminar includes an Independent Research Requirement (IRR) and an Independent Written Assessment (IWA) – longform written projects that students will compose over a number of weeks, and our tutors are experts in helping to plan out timelines and strategies to excel in these rigorous projects!

Our AP Research tutors help guide their students through the rigorous AP Research semester project — a fully developed research proposal and report, developed step-by-step, clocking in at nearly 10 pages on average! While many AP Research students can feel intimidated by this large endeavor, our tutors provide the experience and organization to help divide the work into manageable pieces, and students leave every session with meaningful progress towards their larger research goal!
If the AP Capstone Diploma sounds like an enticing way to get ahead of the competition, AJ Tutoring has the tools to help you succeed! Please give us a call today to discuss your unique situation and how our tutors can help.

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