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The LSAT: Everything You Need to Know


For better or for worse, a student’s Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score is the most important factor law schools consider when making admissions decisions. Other aspects of a student’s application are considered as well, such as undergraduate GPA, letters of recommendation, work experience and extracurricular activities, but none of these are more important than those three numbers.  

Why would an applicant’s performance on a four hour test matter more than their performance during four years of college? It certainly seems unfair, but there is a logical reason behind this practice. One of the main reasons the LSAT is such an important factor in the law school admissions game is that there is no “pre-law” group of core classes required like there is for medical school; college students can take whatever classes they want as undergraduates and still apply to law school after they graduate. Unfortunately, not all college majors are created equal; some are undoubtedly more challenging than others. For that reason, the LSAT is one of the only tools law school admissions officers have at their disposal to compare students with different majors at different schools.  

So, the LSAT is clearly a very important test. That truth leads to some good and bad news. The bad news is that (for most people) the LSAT is a highly challenging exam. Due to rigorous time constraints and (often intentionally) confusing questions, many students are not even able to finish multiple sections of the test at first.   

The good news is that despite its difficulty, the LSAT is a highly learnable test. With effort, a well-thought-out study strategy and plenty of patience, the vast majority of students have the ability to dramatically increase their score.  

Whether you have already taken a prep course and invested hours into LSAT preparation or are starting from scratch, we would be ecstatic to help you achieve your LSAT goals at AJ Tutoring!  

The standard number of sessions for LSAT students starting with little to no prior preparation is ten.   

We’ll spend the first two sessions covering the basics of the logic games section (also known as analytical reasoning), which is the section that has the steepest learning curve for most students. With some practice though, these games will become easier and easier. Many students even grow to enjoy them!

The next two and a half sessions are spent covering the logical reasoning section, which makes up half of your overall LSAT score. We will learn how to analyze short arguments and fact sets.  

During the fifth session, we’ll devote thirty minutes or so to the reading comprehension section. 

After that, it’s practice, practice practice. We’ll spend the next five sessions reviewing actual LSATs you’ll take as homework in between sessions. We’ll figure out what went well, what could have gone better, and what changes to make in your approach on future exams.    

Ideally, the sessions would be spaced out by at least a week, giving us about three months to complete the entire prep. Students who complete the full ten sessions as well as all the homework assigned typically see great results on test day!    

We understand that some students may not need to complete the full ten sessions in order to achieve their goals. That’s okay! Our curriculum is very flexible, and our LSAT experts would be happy to review the specific sections of the test you’re struggling with. As with all other test prep tutoring at AJ, there is no prepayment or package required; you’ll only pay for the sessions you actually complete with your tutor.  

A high LSAT score can not only lead to an acceptance letter from a top law school, but also invaluable scholarship opportunities. A bit of an investment now can pay off in droves in the future! 

We look forward to devising an LSAT prep plan with you in order to help you achieve your academic and professional goals! Please give us a call to sign up.

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