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Why You Should Learn Photography This Summer


It may seem that we have to spend a boring summer 2021.

However, this might also be an opportunity for us to try out things we might not have considered. We can still make most of this summer by engaging in extracurricular activities such as taking up a new hobby. From gardening to drawing to birdwatching, the opportunities are endless! And, if you happen to have a DSLR camera lying around your house, learning about photography might be a great hobby for you! As a fellow nature and travel photographer, I find photography to be very rewarding.

Learning photography offers many benefits beyond just taking good pictures:

1. Critical Thinking

Photography stimulates critical thinking. Not only is learning about the various camera controls

important, but also being able to apply them in different scenarios is key. This requires understanding of how the different camera controls influence each other and being able to manipulate the camera settings to get the desired picture. For instance, the shutter speed and aperture used for low-light situations are going to be very different than the shutter speed and aperture used in a bright environment.

2. Point of View and Storytelling

One of the great things about photography is that you do not need to travel far or find an exotic subject to capture an interesting image. You can take a picture of an ordinary subject and make it extraordinary by changing your point of view. By experimenting with different angles and points of view, you can make your subject more interesting and captivating to the viewer. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We’ve all heard that saying before. Photography is not just about taking pictures but creating a story. When I traveled to Nicaragua, I was both a clinic volunteer and photographer. I captured my contrasting experiences of the culture and the clinic. Whenever I look back at those pictures, those images invoke my experiences.

3. Creativity

While there are “rules” in photography to guide you with composing your image, sometimes those rules can be broken to achieve some very creative pictures, whether it be inducing motion blur into your image or creating a time-lapse. Photography has allowed me to be more creative and capture various never-before-seen perspectives while incorporating my knowledge of photography and playing around with the camera controls.



4. Stress Reliever and Exploration

Photography is a great pastime to just be yourself and engage with the world around you. There is no “right” or “wrong” in photography. For me, photography serves as a hub for freedom of expression and does not restrict artistic thought. Photography has pushed me out of my comfort zone and enabled me to travel more and explore the beauty of nature.

5. Knowledge

The knowledge you gain from photography is not only limited to that field. The skills of paying attention to detail, having different perspectives, and engaging with your surroundings are not only important for photography, but are also the values you can incorporate in your life. Photography also allows you to look at and think about the world from various perspectives and tell your story.

Altogether, photography has a reach that is broader than just pictures. It enables you to interact with and be aware of the world around you.

If you are interested in learning about digital photography, creative photography techniques, and camera controls, be sure to check out our Introduction to Digital Photography course offered this summer. Please give us a call to learn more about summer learning!


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