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10 ACT Tips and Tricks to Improve Your ACT Score


Unlock Your ACT Potential: Essential Tips and Tricks for Success

Embarking on the ACT journey requires not just hard work, but smart strategies to maximize your score. Here at AJ Tutoring, we specialize in guiding students through this challenging process with proven ACT tips and tricks. Whether you’re aiming for a top-tier score or looking to improve your current performance, these insights are designed to help you approach test day with confidence.

If you’re taking the ACT, here are a few quick pointers to maximize your score on test day:

1) Get everything ready the night before, and eat a good breakfast on test day. The foundation of a successful test day starts with preparation. Ensure you have your admission ticket, a valid photo ID, an approved calculator, No. 2 pencils, snacks, and water packed the night before. A nutritious breakfast is also crucial; it fuels your brain, keeping you alert and focused during the intense test-taking hours. This level of preparedness minimizes morning-of test jitters and sets a positive tone for the day.

2) Remember your calculator. The math section of the ACT allows the use of a calculator, making it vital to not only bring one but to ensure it’s a model that’s permitted and that its batteries are fresh. Familiarity with your calculator’s functions can significantly enhance your speed and accuracy, giving you a valuable edge in tackling the ACT math challenges efficiently.

3) Arrive early to ease test day nerves. Aim to be at your test center by 8:00 am. Knowing the route beforehand and planning your departure allows you to arrive stress-free and mentally prepared. Early arrival gives you ample time to locate your testing room, settle in, and center your focus on the tasks ahead.

4) On the ACT English section, opt for conciseness. The ACT English section values conciseness and clarity. Often, the shortest answer choice is the correct one, provided it fully answers the question without omitting crucial details. This principle encourages a more efficient approach to tackling English questions, emphasizing clarity and brevity. It’s rare that a wordy answer will be correct in ACT English.

5) On the math section: work carefully, use your calculator, and get as many points as possible from the early questions.  Accuracy is the name of the game in ACT math.  Read carefully, write out your work, and use your calculator for the best results.  ACT math questions start off easy and become very difficult by the end, so try to maximize your points on the early questions! It can’t be overstated, accuracy is paramount in the ACT math section.

6) On the reading section: work quickly and focus on the details.  The big challenge of ACT reading is speed.  You only have 35 minutes to read 4 passages and answer 40 questions.  If you do the math, that’s less than one minute per question, including your reading time.  So you must work quickly to do well on ACT reading!  Take just a couple minutes to read the passage and then move on to the questions.  Focus on key words in each question to help you find the answer in the passage. Develop a strategy that allows you to quickly grasp the main ideas and details of each passage. This may involve skimming for key points or reading the questions before the passages to understand what information to look for.

7) On the science section: don’t use outside knowledge and look for patterns. The science section tests your ability to interpret data and identify patterns, not your memorization of scientific facts. Focus on understanding graphs, tables, and the scientific method to navigate this section effectively. Recognizing trends and drawing conclusions from the given information are skills that can significantly boost your science score.

8) Answer all questions, even if you run out of time. There’s no penalty for guessing on the ACT test, so make sure to answer every question. If time is running short, use an educated guess strategy to fill in answers, and never leave a question blank.

9) Bubble in your answers cleanly and carefully.  Except for the essay section, your answers on the ACT are machine-graded.  If you change an answer, erase completely.  And make sure you’re bubbling in the correct section and not skipping any questions!

10) Practice mindfulness andrelaxation techniques. The importance of mental and emotional preparation cannot be overstressed. High-stress levels can impede your ability to recall information and think critically, directly impacting your ACT performance. Incorporating mindfulness and relaxation techniques into your preparation can significantly reduce test anxiety and improve concentration. Techniques such as deep breathing exercises, visualization of success, or even brief meditative practices can center your focus and calm nerves before and during the test. By practicing these techniques regularly leading up to the test day, you’ll develop a mental resilience that will help you navigate through the exam more smoothly and maintain a level of calmness that enables optimal performance.

Embark on Your ACT Journey with Confidence

At AJ Tutoring, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of the ACT with personalized strategies and support. Implementing these ACT tips and tricks into your study routine will empower you to approach test day with confidence and achieve your highest potential.

For tailored guidance and more advanced techniques, reach out to us at info@ajtutoring.com. Let’s turn your ACT goals into achievements!

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