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Decolonizing American History: A Reading List for High School Students

Systemic oppression, abuses of power, and the rise of protest movements has left many students of history searching for explanatory texts and perspectives for grappling with the context of racial injustice in the United States and the American continents. History teachers are handling ... Read More


Making Use of the Library

I was working with a student last week, and she was complaining that she was so bored she started reading. Imagine! And then she read all the books in her house so she was starting to reread them. Her parents didn’t want to keep buying books on the Kindle so she had run out of options.  ... Read More


Ayers on Good Teachers

Learning Isn’t Easy and Teaching Isn’t Simple There are many challenges in teaching that are not obvious to an inexperienced or aspiring educator; in an oversimplified view of the profession, if the teacher has a basic understanding of the material along with a good curriculum to follow, ... Read More


The Importance of Economics at a High School Level

What is economics? This is a question that has been bouncing around my head these past few months, especially in light of the Covid-19 situation and the accompanying zeal with which the Federal Reserve unleashed its monetary policy throughout the United States economy. As a discipline, economics ... Read More

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