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May 5 SAT cancellation at Paly


Many AJ Tutoring students were recently affected by the cancellation of the May 5, 2012 SAT at Paly.  So far, what we know is that someone pulled a fire alarm at Paly around 8:30 am, forcing the evacuation of students who were just sitting down to start the SAT.  Students were evacuated to the athletic fields, and the alarm stopped sounding by 8:55.  Students were not allowed back into testing rooms until 9:30, after which they were told that the SAT would be cancelled.  Read more about the cancellation at Palo Alto Online and Menlo-Atherton’s newspaper.

Obviously this is not an ideal outcome for all the Palo Alto students and those from surrounding areas who worked so hard to prepare for the test on May 5.  It’s a real letdown, especially at the end of the school year when students are so busy with finals and AP exams.  However, we hope that the College Board will make things right for the affected students.  They haven’t yet announced official plans to reschedule the test, but parents who have called the College Board say that there will be a retake offered before the next SAT on June 2, and students will be given the option of taking the test on the retake date or taking it at a later date.

Students and parents of affected students: make sure your email is registered with the College Board to get the latest information on the May 5 SAT cancellation!  If the test is rescheduled, it may be announced at the College Board’s website.

Finally, I know you’re busy, but try to make time to do a little more SAT review before you have to retake the SAT.  Even if it’s just doing the College Board’s SAT Question of the Day, make sure you keep your brain engaged with SAT questions.  Good luck, and AJ Tutoring will keep you posted with more information as we hear about it!

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