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As the Bay Area cools off in anticipation of winter, classes at your student’s school are heating up!  Now is the time of year when academic material becomes more difficult, and finals will be here in December before you know it.

In the last several weeks, we here at AJ Tutoring have fielded many phone calls and emails requesting academic tutoring.  Tutors are filling up for the semester, so if you think your student might need help with an academic subject, please don’t wait too long to contact us to set up a tutoring program!

Just as a reminder, AJ Tutoring offers academic tutoring in the following subjects:

  • Math (all levels including AP)
  • Biology (all levels including AP)
  • Physics (all levels including AP)
  • Chemistry (all levels including AP)
  • Spanish (all levels including AP)
  • History (all levels including AP)
  • English (all levels including AP)
  • Study Skills
For more information about AJ Tutoring’s academic tutoring program, please consult our website or call us at (650) 331-3251.  One of our directors would be happy to speak with you about a customized academic tutoring program for your student!


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