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What’s different about AJ Tutoring?


One of the most common questions we’re asked is what sets AJ Tutoring apart from its competitors.  Silicon Valley and the Bay Area in general are crowded with test preparation and tutoring companies, each claiming to have the best approach to the test.

While I may be slightly biased, after years working for AJ Tutoring and other tutoring companies, I do think AJ Tutoring has what it takes to help students succeed!  There are several major differences between AJ Tutoring and other tutoring centers:

1)      AJ Tutoring prepares students for the test in fewer hours.  Many other tutoring companies recommend packages of 20 hours or more.  Students at AJ Tutoring typically complete 8 or 9 sessions, for a total of 12 to 13.5 hours, before the test.  We know that high school students don’t have much free time, and we respect that by being as efficient as possible and still achieving the same results.


2)      At AJ Tutoring, you’ll have the same tutor for the entire process.  Many other companies have tutors who specialize in math, reading, and writing, and your instructor for the day changes based on the topic.  All of our tutors are trained to be proficient in all parts of the SAT and ACT, so you can develop a close working relationship with the same tutor all the way up to test day.  Of course, if you feel like your tutor isn’t the right match for you, you can change tutors at any time.


3)      AJ Tutoring doesn’t require you to pay up front.  We know that tutoring is a significant financial investment, and many people are understandably wary of spending quite a bit of money up front for a full tutoring package.  AJ Tutoring will only bill you for the tutoring sessions you’ve completed, and you’re welcome to stop tutoring at any time.  We don’t think you’ll want to, though!


4)      AJ Tutoring’s test-prep methods are common-sense, reality-based, and easy to implement.  As a tutor who’s helped many students prepare for the SAT and ACT, I’ve heard some amazing stories from students who have worked with other tutoring companies.  Students have described incredibly complicated strategies, which include techniques such as memorizing sentences word-for-word for the essay and picking which reading comprehension questions to answer in a very specific order.  These complicated strategies take up a lot of brain space on test day and can actually increase students’ anxiety.  They also don’t work particularly well!  Our strategies rely on common sense and sound educational methods.  In fact, I often use the same reading comprehension strategies with my SAT and AP US History students.


There are many good tutoring companies out there, but we here at AJ Tutoring believe that we offer the most efficient and effective way to achieve your educational goals.  We’d love to talk with you about your plans!

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