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AJ Tutoring’s new academic tutoring program


Here at AJ Tutoring, we’ve been getting a lot of calls recently for academic tutoring.  Finals are approaching, and students are realizing that they need help with those tough calculus or physics or APUSH classes.   From my personal experience working with students in APUSH and AP Statistics classes, now is the time to call for help!  It’s much easier for academic tutoring to succeed when the review process begins well in advance of the big test.  It’s important to meet regularly to instill good study habits (and have time to review old material!).

AJ Tutoring’s academic tutoring program has evolved over the years.  AJ Tutoring began as just a test preparation tutoring company, focusing on the SAT and ACT.  Eventually, Aaron and Joe got enough requests for academic tutoring that it made sense to offer that as an option.  This year, we’re proud to unveil our new academic tutoring program, led by director Christina Ha

William has years of experience in academic tutoring, with a strong focus on math and science.  He is also skilled in tutoring students with different learning styles and learning disabilities.  Under his direction, our new academic program is tailored to each student’s and parent’s needs and expectations.

Features of AJ Tutoring’s academic tutoring program include:
•    Qualified tutors who know the material.
•    Assessment forms for students and parents to fill out at the beginning of academic tutoring.  Assessment forms help tutors learn what everyone’s expectations for tutoring are, and where students are weakest and strongest in their classes.
•    Two initial assessment sessions, during which the tutor will ask the student about his or her experience of the class, grades in the class, learning style, and methods of preparation for tests and quizzes.
•    Phone conference with academic tutoring director William Cesarotti.  Following the two assessment sessions, William will contact parents to discuss the student’s progress and create a plan of action going forward for academic tutoring.
•    A personalized tutoring plan for each student that helps improve study skills and time management, and also improves understanding of the class material.
•    Once-a-week tutoring sessions of 1.5 hours each to maintain consistent progress in the class.  Meeting once a week for an hour and a half seems to be best for students, although we can meet more or less frequently depending on students’ needs.
•    Regular review of students’ progress to make sure goals are being met and grades are improving.
•    Long-term benefits  – grades will improve in high school, and the study skills and confidence learned will be useful in college and beyond.

AJ Tutoring currently offers academic tutoring for numerous subjects, including but not limited to:
•    Science – biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, earth science
•    Math – pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, math analysis, calculus, statistics
•    History – United States history, European history, world history
•    English and essay writing – all levels
•    Spanish – all levels

If you have any questions or would like to sign your student up for academic tutoring, email Aaron or Joe at info@ajtutoring.com, or call (650) 331-3251.  We would love to help your student succeed in school!

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