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Are You Ready for AP Exams?


Your student has been working hard all year on their AP class or classes and now the AP exams are a month away. These exams are notoriously much harder than the coursework and quizzes they have been taking throughout the year, and have the additional pressure of needing to achieve a four or five on the exam. Not all AP teachers will teach for the exam during the year, which can cause some students to become anxious and unsure as we rapidly approach test day.

Here at AJ Tutoring, with nearly two decades of experience in supporting students here in the Bay Area, we understand the pressure and expectations associated with these exams. That is why we still have 1:1 tutors standing by to support and guide students before they sit for these exams. From AP Calculus to AP European History and more, our subject matter experts will guide your students through specific AP exam level questions, provide strategies for the exams and more! Interested in some support for your student? Call an AJ Director today to curate a customized test preparation plan ahead of the AP Exams!

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