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Spanish Heritage Learning: What It Is and How to Teach It

Not all Spanish language students start their journey to acquisition on the same footing. Just as there are students who come into the language fresh with no prior experience, there are countless others who have had some level of prior, and unique, experience in the language. These students are ... Read More


Why Physics is Relevant to Your Education

When someone thinks about physics, they might imagine Albert Einstein or quantum particles or lasers. And they’d be right thinking that these are all related in some way or another―along with countless other topics. However, once they start their first physics course, and they start learning ... Read More


Don’t Worry about Vosotros

Have you ever come across a student who is inquisitive about every aspect of the Spanish language? I know I have come across students who want to know more about the etymology of a certain word. Sometimes as tutors we may not know directly off the top of our heads how a word came to be, but we ... Read More


Chemistry and Context

Three months, or even one month prior to our last session, discussing that gallium could dissolve in water would have probably bored my student. However, learning that a gallium spoon in the presence of water could “disappear” engendered the perfect vehicle to learn: sincere curiosity.; ... Read More

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