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What Is Analytical Writing?

Many students question tutors on the nature of analytical writing and how the student knows when they are accomplishing it. “What is analysis?”, “ What separates analysis from detailed description of evidence?”, or “How do I know if my analysis is correct?” are typical questions that ... Read More


Why Does My Student Struggle to Read Their Class Materials?

The Nature of Reading Despite the vast areas of adult and professional life that rely on literacy, reading English is not easy. Reading requires multiple skills, such as the decryption of discipline-specific lingo, knowledge of grammatical and structural standards, and the practiced ability to ... Read More


Is Being Literate Enough?

Search for “the benefits of reading” and many articles, lists, blogs, and studies will pop up with great arguments as to why everyone should read often. Avid readers become better at taking standardized tests, writing, and thinking creatively. They can even reap the benefits of warding off ... Read More


Bay Area Local Authors

Did you know several acclaimed authors of books for teens live right here in the Bay Area?  While COVID has limited authors from making in-person appearances, they’ve still engaged with the public through virtual events. When students attend these kinds of events, or read books written ... Read More

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