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When Should My Student Think About College?

The biggest and most loaded question for parents today is when to start thinking about college! Is middle school the right time? Should they wait until junior year? What is the best course to take? We have been supporting Bay Area families for well over a decade and have broken it down into some ... Read More


Are You Ready to Unlock Your Future?

Many people hear the phrase tutoring and picture juniors gathered around workbooks preparing for their SAT’s, or middle school students working out basic algebraic equations with their tutor correcting their work. While all of those scenarios are true to the AJ experience, there is so much ... Read More


College Support Through AJ!

As the end of summer approaches, you might find yourself getting your student set up for freshman year of college. Dorms are being decorated, schedules have been set, and books are all purchased. You and your student have been preparing for the first day of college since they started high! ... Read More


The LSAT: Everything You Need to Know

For better or for worse, a student’s Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score is the most important factor law schools consider when making admissions decisions. Other aspects of a student’s application are considered as well, such as undergraduate GPA, letters of recommendation, work ... Read More

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