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The ACT Science Section: Busting 3 Big Myths

Myth 1: The ACT Science Section is a Test of Content Knowledge The name of the section is a bit of a misnomer: The ACT Science section does not test a student’s science knowledge. So what is it, then? The Science section is really a reading comprehension test with lots of charts,, ... Read More


Test Prep Tutoring During Summer

Whether you are a rising 8th grader gearing up for a fall or winter ISEE, SSAT, or HSPT; or you are a rising junior looking ahead to a first shot at the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, the summer is an excellent time to get a head start on test prep. At AJ Tutoring, we’ve worked with thousands and ... Read More


Academic Tutoring During the Summer

Summer is an ideal time to get a head start on the school year and engage with interesting academic material. At AJ Tutoring, we are delighted to offer a variety of customized summer tutoring options designed to meet the unique needs and goals of each student. Did you struggle in a ... Read More


Getting Ahead this Summer (3 Case Studies)

It’s been a challenging school year for the Bay Area community. At AJ Tutoring, we are incredibly proud of how educators, students, and families have adapted to changes and uncertainties. Looking forward, we are delighted to offer a variety of summer tutoring options to meet the unique needs ... Read More

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