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Do You Have a Standardized Test Plan in Place?


The school year is in full swing, and standardized testing season is about to begin! With the October PSAT, SAT dates throughout the fall and spring, and eventually AP exams  now is the time to get together a test taking plan! First things first, the PSAT is a practice SAT taken in October of sophomore or junior year. The PSAT gives students an early indication of their SAT score and qualifies the top percentage of test-takers for the National Merit Scholarship. The new PSAT 8/9 and PSAT 10 tests are designed to cover freshman and sophomore curriculum. These tests familiarize students with the PSAT and SAT format and connect students to AP courses they can take later in high school. By taking the PSAT in October, students are in excellent shape to then prepare for a Spring Digital SAT test date. Accomplishing your first SAT test in the Spring allows students to pivot their focus towards their AP exams! If you are interested in developing your students test preparation timeline, call a Director today for a free consultation or reach out to us online!


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