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Here Comes the SAT!


On Saturday, March 11th, students will once again be sitting down with their Number 2 pencils ready to take a giant leap towards their future. A future that a competitive SAT score will afford them. A future with more options rather than fewer, and the knowledge that they took that tangible and crucial first step towards their bright futures. 

We here at AJ Tutoring recognize and support the commitment that these students are making for their future. Here are some of our sure fire tips to find success on test day:

  • Take a full preparation course with an AJ Tutor!
  • Don’t study the night before test day. You know all that you can!
  • Don’t change your evening routine and get a good night’s sleep!
  • Eat a full breakfast in the morning!
  • Wear comfortable clothes and layer up because you can never anticipate the testing site climate!
  • Breathe. 

To all of our current and future students the AJ Team stands with you and wishes you the very best of luck! Are you ready for your student to have an entire team standing behind them and guiding them towards success? Call a Director today to set up a test preparation gameplan that makes sense for your students’ future!


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