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HSEE Interview Preparation with AJ Tutoring


Do you remember being fifteen or sixteen, all dressed up and ready to walk into your first interview? Maybe it was for a local chain restaurant, or a bowling alley, and your palms are more sweaty than you thought was possible! Now imagine being ten or thirteen, and you are about to walk into a room with adults you don’t know. Your parents have been telling you how important this is, how this interview determines your future etc. You’re dressed up, you’re sweaty, you open your mouth and nothing squeaks out.

While this example may seem dramatic, this is every private school hopeful’s nightmare. You may think that kids can nail an interview because they are outgoing, naturally fearless, and extroverted. However, interviewing is a skill that we all had to learn through trial and error which your student does not have the luxury of! To give our private school entrance exam students the best chance of being successful, AJ Tutoring has curated a preparation specifically for these 1:1 interviews. Here at AJ Tutoring, our students can work 1:1 with their tutor to manage their anxiety and practice interviewing strategies through mock interviews and targeted feedback, as well as research and values brainstorming. Your student deserves every chance possible to be successful, so call a Director today to learn more about how we prepare our students and have been for over a decade! Our tutors are standing by!

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