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March 2024 Digital SAT: Scores, Insights, and Strategies | AJ Tutoring


In March 2024, students embarked on a new journey with the first administration of the Digital SAT (DSAT). This landmark shift in standardized testing marked a significant transition from paper to digital, introducing a new era in college admissions testing. At AJ Tutoring, we closely monitored this transition, supporting our students through this change, and now, we’re here to share insights and strategies based on their firsthand experiences.

The March 2024 Digital SAT Experience

The transition to the Digital SAT represented a significant change in standardized testing, one that AJ Tutoring embraced with a proactive and student-centered approach. As the March 2024 Digital SAT scores illuminate the outcomes of this new testing format, we reflect on the journey, gathering crucial learnings and student feedback to fine-tune our preparation strategies.

Student Feedback on the Digital SAT

Our students’ candid feedback post-test, before receiving their March 2024 Digital SAT scores, provided a wealth of insights. Many found the math sections, especially the second module, to be more challenging than anticipated. Technical issues were minimal but noteworthy, emphasizing the importance of thorough preparation beyond just the test content.

Key Insights from March 2024 Digital SAT Scores

The release of the March 2024 Digital SAT scores was a moment of truth for our students and educators. These scores not only reflected our students’ hard work and dedication but also offered a data-driven foundation to refine our tutoring strategies, particularly in addressing the unexpected rigor of the math sections.

Strategies for Navigating the Digital SAT

  1. Familiarization with the Digital Format: Emphasizing the need for comfort with the digital testing environment, we recommend students practice with the digital tools and interface extensively before test day.
  2. Advanced Math Preparation: Feedback highlighted the need for more robust math preparation. Our future materials will include advanced math problems and a deeper focus on utilizing tools like Desmos (the calculator program imbedded in the SAT platform) effectively.
  3. Comprehensive Practice Tests: Utilizing the College Board’s newly released practice exams and AJ Tutoring’s customized practice materials, students can gain a more accurate understanding of the test’s difficulty and format.
  4. Technical Preparedness: Ensuring that devices are fully charged, understanding the technical requirements, and having backup plans in place are crucial steps to avoid potential issues on test day.

Feedback-Driven Curriculum Enhancements

AJ Tutoring is committed to continuously evolving its curriculum based on student feedback and the insights derived from the March 2024 Digital SAT scores. We’re enhancing our preparation materials to include more complex math content and integrating strategies to improve digital fluency among our test-takers.

Success Stories and Future Directions

Our students’ success in the March 2024 Digital SAT is a testament to their resilience and adaptability. Their feedback and scores have not only helped us celebrate their achievements but also guided us in refining our approach, ensuring that future students are better prepared for the challenges of the Digital SAT.

Preparing for Future Digital SATs

As we look ahead, AJ Tutoring remains dedicated to equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to excel in the Digital SAT. From understanding the nuances of the digital interface to mastering the content, we are here to support every student on their journey to achieving their best possible scores.


The March 2024 Digital SAT scores have provided valuable insights into the new testing landscape. At AJ Tutoring, we are using these insights to enhance our tutoring methods, ensuring our students are not just prepared but are ahead of the curve. The DSAT is more than just a test; it’s an opportunity for students to demonstrate their adaptability, problem-solving skills, and readiness for the digital future. With AJ Tutoring, students can navigate this new landscape with confidence, backed by a team dedicated to their success.



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