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Monday Link Roundup (October 9)


Why the Back-to-School Season Feels Like the New Year-Even for Adults

Even if you weren’t the one going back to school, did September still feel like a fresh start for you? Here’s why.

10 Tips for Creating a Fertile Environment for Kids’ Creativity and Growth

This is a practice we strongly encourage at AJ Tutoring: “Most parents and teachers are reluctant to talk with children about their own thinking processes. Perhaps they don’t want to expose that they’re sometimes confused or unsure in their thinking. But talking with children about your own thinking process is the best gift you could give them.”

Co-Parenting With Alexa

A reflection on parenting in the age of voice-activated devices.

It’s 10 P.M. Do You Know What Apps Your Kids Are Using?

More about how kids use tech, with a fairly thorough list of apps (at least for the time being!).

A Simple Way to Bring Down College-Application Costs

Score-send fees for the SAT and ACT can really add up. Here, a simple proposal to reduce or eliminate those fees and decrease the cost of applying to college.

Being Popular: Why It Consumes Teens and Continues to Affect Adults

Whether you sat at the cool kids’ table at lunch or not so much, social status takes up a surprising amount of headspace. To the extent we have any influence over it, research encourages parents to focus on raising “likable leaders” rather than “high-status leaders”.


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