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With summer drawing to a close sooner rather than later, the time has come to think about the exciting opportunities and challenges that come with the start of the school year. One of the most exciting opportunities in our opinion is the October PSAT. The PSAT is that first glimpse into the world of multi-hour standardized testing without the intense pressure of the real test. Taking the PSAT can inform you and your students of their areas of strength when it comes to test taking, and the areas that they can improve on. 

Here at AJ Tutoring we have some amazing tutors that can help your student walk into the PSAT feeling more prepared than their peers, and have less anxiety that can hurt their overall score. Once the PSAT is over with, our tutors will use your students’ unique score to customize their approach to SAT prep. This allows your student to zero in on the areas that need support, as well learn more in depth strategies for test day! The SAT has a guessing penalty, so we want to make sure that your student is confident and has a solid knowledge base walking into that test.

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