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Spend your summer with AJ Tutoring


As the weather warms up, it’s time to start thinking about summer plans.  Whether this summer will find you heading to the beach or relaxing at home, we hope you’ll make some time for academics too. AJ Tutoring has several options for this summer, including one-on-one tutoring for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and academic classes, as well as SAT courses at our Palo Alto and San Jose offices.

Rising seniors – this summer is the time to prep for your final SAT and ACT tests in the fall.  We can help you with a few review sessions to target your specific weaknesses. Got some tough APs next year? Don’t slack off just yet – fall semester grades count for college admissions.  We have AP experts who can introduce you to calculus, statistics, physics…and almost anything else!

Rising juniors – you’ll be taking the PSAT in October.  If you’re going for National Merit recognition, you should start preparing for the test this summer.  Even if you’re not thinking about National Merit, a few tutoring sessions can help you feel more comfortable with the test.  And don’t forget, we can help introduce you to those tough academic classes you’ll be taking next year.  A lot of juniors take AP US History – wouldn’t it be nice to get a head start on the material?

Rising freshmen and sophomores – AJ Tutoring can help with general study skills and summer enrichment.  We don’t typically recommend SAT prep for freshmen and sophomores, but everyone can benefit from a summer program that reinforces reading, writing, and math skills.  We can create a personalized tutoring program to make sure you don’t lose your edge over the summer.

Everyone – if you’d rather take a group class and make some new friends, AJ Tutoring is offering several SAT classes at our Palo Alto and San Jose locations throughout the summer.  Our classes offer a focused learning environment, a set schedule, and an affordable price ($990 for 9 classes and four proctored full-length SATs).  Check out our summer class schedule here.

If you have any questions about AJ Tutoring’s summer programs, please call (650) 331-3251, or email us at info@ajtutoring.com.  We’d love to be a part of your summer plans!

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