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Don’t Worry about Vosotros

Have you ever come across a student who is inquisitive about every aspect of the Spanish language? I know I have come across students who want to know more about the etymology of a certain word. Sometimes as tutors we may not know directly off the top of our heads how a word came to be, but we ... Read More


On Learning “Minor” Languages

“French!” “Hindi!” “French!” “Hindi!” Closed in during the pandemic, my partner and I play those trivial games that couples planning a family sometimes indulge in. Debating hypothetical scenarios about bringing up our (as yet) imaginary children. Today’s debate is ... Read More


Musings on Learning English

My experiences learning English―what can we take from that as a English native learning foreign languages? I grew up in Switzerland, a little country in the middle of Europe and with 4 official languages: Swiss German (the written language is German), French, Italian, and a curious one:- ... Read More



You’ve probably heard the term “wanderlust,” or else seen it scrawled across the front of a magazine or maybe even stamped on the back of a camper van in whimsical, lagoon-blue font. The concept behind wanderlust―the strong desire to wander or travel the world―is universal (who hasn’t ... Read More

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