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The April ACT Approaches!


The April ACT exam date is just around the corner! Our students have been preparing rigorously with their 1:1 tutors to prepare. While many people are unfamiliar with the ACT as compared to the SAT, it is an exam that can help propel students towards the college and career of their dreams! If you haven’t registered for either the SAT or ACT yet and are looking for more information, then here are some unique elements of the exam that you should know!

What does the ACT test measure?

The ACT exam assesses educational development and readiness to pursue college-level coursework in English, mathematics, natural science, and social studies. The Science Test, which does not directly correspond to any SAT section, is a 40-question, 35-minute test that measures the skills required in the natural sciences: interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning, and problem solving.

Is the ACT a fast-paced test?

Yes. Most students have difficulty finishing the test within the allotted time. Doing well on the ACT requires students to deal with the pressure of time limits, moving swiftly and efficiently through dense passages using techniques such as skimming and scanning. As a result, our ACT exam prep includes significant focus on timing strategy.

The ACT is currently still a paper and pencil exam, it is equally weighted in the eyes of college admissions with its counterpart the SAT, and is a great choice for many students! Interested in learning more about the ACT and how our 1:1 tutors can help your student prepare? Then reach out to our team of Directors today!

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