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To High School and Beyond!


Once upon a time, you tied ribbons to the end of her braids or you spiked his hair to make him look like a “big boy.” You tied their shoes and packed their lunches, and now you send them to the unknown that is a high school campus. Among the hustle and bustle with hundreds of their peers, your 14-year-old looks back and reassures you with a wave and for a brief moment you are transported back to a simpler time. 

Now you have things like Algebra 2, AP Exams, the SAT, and college applications to think about. Whether or not your kid will make the varsity team or if you can help them with their homework consumes all of your thoughts. From the first day they walked onto campus, AJ Tutoring has been standing at the ready to take your call! From homework help and building their skills for even harder courses, we have seen it all. Building relationships with our tutoring and academic team now can prepare you for whatever high school throws your way. Our tutors have high caliber backgrounds, experience, and flexible schedules that are able to meet the needs of any student…no matter how busy they are! 

Still have questions? Don’t fret! We have been here for over a decade and are ready to answer any and all of your questions! Call a Director today to learn more about AJ’s ability to support you. 

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