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What Are Study Skills? Don’t You Just Do It?


A question I hear almost every day is “how do I get my kid to do better on tests?” and that is a very loaded question! There are several factors that go into test taking and the biggest factor is how effectively did your student study for that test? Not how MUCH did they study, but how effective they were. The concept of study skills is a newer topic of conversation in the world of education, but it is something that we have always done as students. We have all heard the adage on the importance of note taking and annotating, but there are different strategies for these skills depending on which topic the class is on! 

For example, a humanities (English/History etc.) class is going to require a different approach to note taking than a math or science class would. Humanities require a deep knowledge of who/what/when/where/why and how, whereas process-based classes need to know the how and the why. In addition to differences within subjects, neurodivergent and neurotypical students are going to need different strategies depending on their levels of focus, and learning styles.

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed? Now imagine being back in middle or high school with thirty other students and one teacher rushing to cram as much information into the 50-minute period as possible! That is why learning effective study skills and strategies are so important for the modern student and it is something that AJ Tutoring has really taken the time to develop and integrate into every facet of our tutoring programs. We know that all students will benefit from the additional support, and these are skills that they will carry with them for life

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