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When Should My Student Think About College?


The biggest and most loaded question for parents today is when to start thinking about college! Is middle school the right time? Should they wait until junior year? What is the best course to take? We have been supporting Bay Area families for well over a decade and have broken it down into some very easy steps!

  1. In Freshman year, start looking into partnering with a college counselor who will act as your guide over the next four years.
  2. Start taking AP Courses in sophomore year, and if your students’ high school doesn’t have a specific AP Course that they want to take, reach out to our For-Credit team at AJ
  3. During the summer between your students sophomore year and junior year, set them up with a PSAT tutor who will help them prepare for the October PSAT and then the SAT.
  4. Make sure they are getting the academic support they need to stay in Honors and AP classes.
  5. Junior Year is the time to work with that college counselor to narrow down your students list of college choices!
  6. Work with an Academic Director to fill in any gaps your students may have for each college’s requirements.
  7. Senior year should be about checking off the last few boxes, submitting applications for early decision, and creating a vision board for decorating their future dorm room!

Still feeling uncertain about the timeline for college? Reach out to AJ Tutoring today, and we can help you develop an academic and test preparation plan that works with your students goals!

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