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Some Benefits of Reading for Pleasure

Students can use their summer breaks in any number of ways. They can step back from school, and risk forgetting a lot of what they learned; they can work ahead in certain subjects; they can participate in specialized camps that teach them things they wish they’d learn in school. However, one ... Read More


Bay Area Local Authors

Did you know several acclaimed authors of books for teens live right here in the Bay Area?  While COVID has limited authors from making in-person appearances, they’ve still engaged with the public through virtual events. When students attend these kinds of events, or read books written ... Read More


Why You Should Learn Photography This Summer

It may seem that we have to spend a boring summer 2021. However, this might also be an opportunity for us to try out things we might not have considered. We can still make most of this summer by engaging in extracurricular activities such as taking up a new hobby. From gardening to ... Read More


Spanish Heritage Learning: What It Is and How to Teach It

Not all Spanish language students start their journey to acquisition on the same footing. Just as there are students who come into the language fresh with no prior experience, there are countless others who have had some level of prior, and unique, experience in the language. These students are ... Read More

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