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The Digital PSAT Experience with AJ Tutoring

The digital age has revolutionized everything from communication to commerce, and now it's reshaping standardized testing. Enter the Digital PSAT, a new format of the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. With the landscape of education constantly evolving, being prepared ... Read More


Making the Jump to AP Courses!

High school is an exciting time full of endless opportunities and a seemingly endless supply of choices to make. From extra curricular activities to volunteering and which courses to take the list goes on and on. You made a choice this school year, maybe for the first time or maybe not, but you ... Read More


Top 8 Trends in Education (2023): Embracing the Future of Learning

In the constantly evolving landscape of education, trends come and go. However, some trends have proven to be more than just fleeting moments. They have successfully reshaped our perspective on learning and teaching, molding the future of education. This blog post explores 8 of 2023's top trends ... Read More


Is AI Test Prep the future? Human touch still matters! – AJ Tutoring

In an increasingly digital age, the education sector has been dramatically transformed. AI-driven tools and platforms have swiftly made their way into classrooms, online courses, and, most recently, into the realm of test preparation. With the growing popularity of AI test prep tools, it begs ... Read More

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