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Making the Jump to AP Courses!


High school is an exciting time full of endless opportunities and a seemingly endless supply of choices to make. From extra curricular activities to volunteering and which courses to take the list goes on and on. You made a choice this school year, maybe for the first time or maybe not, but you made the choice to jump into an AP course. AP courses feel elite, and they bring with them a certain excitement   & potential for college credit. However, there is a long way to go between the start of the school year to the AP exams in the late spring. 

AP courses are college level material, and some of them move at an accelerated pace such as AP History courses. The material is challenging, the assignments are difficult, and the pace is  exacting. All of this in conjunction with the rest of a student’s course load and responsibilities can make it challenging to catch back up if they start to fall behind at any point. By teaming up with an AJ subject matter expert early in the school year, we can help students stay on top of and ahead of their assignments as well as lay groundwork for the upcoming topics that will be covered in class! The AJ tutor that your students build a rapport with now can support them for the rest of the academic year as well as help them with the specialized preparation needed for their exam.

With professional tutors available to cover any and all of your AP course needs, call a Director today to start your student on the path to success! Not sure if an AP  course is the right path for your student? No worries! Reach out to our team of College Counselors today to cultivate a  plan that will help your child reach their full potential!


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