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AP Exams…Ready or Not, Here They Come!


Ready or not, the AP Exams will be here in just a couple of short weeks! From AP Calculus to AP US History, students will be sitting down and striving for the 4 or 5 that they have been working towards achieving all year long. Our AP students here at AJ have already been preparing for their exams by meeting weekly with their tutor to maintain their skills all year and then preparing for their test date for weeks now! Taking practice exams, learning and utilizing new strategies, reviewing content and more these students are prepared for their test date! 

Passing their AP Exam might present a lot of pressure for our students, but it will set them up for extraordinary success in their future. If you have any questions about AP courses, or are looking for a jump start on next year’s courses we have some helpful resources to get you started:

At the end of the day, here is what we remind our students when it comes to test day:

You have done the work, at this point you know it or you don’t. Walk into that test with confidence, and remember to breathe!

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