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Are You Ready to Unlock Your Future?


Many people hear the phrase tutoring and picture juniors gathered around workbooks preparing for their SAT’s, or middle school students working out basic algebraic equations with their tutor correcting their work. While all of those scenarios are true to the AJ experience, there is so much more to us than that!

As a leader and innovator in the world of tutoring, AJ has developed a unique and customized approach to not just K-12th grade academic struggles, but for our college students as well. Many AJ students are currently enrolled at Berkeley, San Mateo College, as well as private institutions across the country. Our subject matter experts not only provide them with the necessary tools for success, but also an in depth analysis of the content. Students who work with an AJ tutor can also get support for their LSAT or GRE preparation with the same 1-on-1 customizable support that any AJ student would receive.

You did the hard part, you made it to college. Now let someone support you in the remainder of your journey and help you to unlock your future. We are standing by ready to help as the Fall Quarter gets underway. Call us today at (650) 331-3251 or reach out to a Director online to get the support you need to fulfill your potential!


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