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How to Start Strong in the Second Semester (3 Expert Tips)

It’s 2020! We at AJ Tutoring are excited to welcome in the new year and renew our mission to provide the highest quality of education to Bay Area students. No matter how last semester ended, the great thing about the academic cycle is that you get a fresh start with the arrival of a new ... Read More


Preparing for a College Major in STEM

As a math and physics dual major, I found my university level math and physics classes both challenging and rewarding. The challenge forced me to become a better version of myself and to continually strive to achieve a better understanding of the universe and the logical structures we use to ... Read More


So You Want to Study Physics?

When I tell people that I have my degree in physics, I get a wide range of reactions. There is a lot of awe, a lot of people don’t really know what was involved, and a lot of people get intimidated. But when people ask me why I did this for my degree, I cannot stress strongly enough how ... Read More


SAT Subject Tests vs. AP Exams

We’re quickly approaching AP test season, as well as the May and June SAT dates, which are primary for the SAT Subject Tests! At AJ, our test prep tutors are experts in AP test prep and SAT Subject test prep and help hundreds of students each year get ready for test day. This post introduces ... Read More

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