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How to Start Strong in the Second Semester (3 Expert Tips)


It’s 2020! We at AJ Tutoring are excited to welcome in the new year and renew our mission to provide the highest quality of education to Bay Area students.

No matter how last semester ended, the great thing about the academic cycle is that you get a fresh start with the arrival of a new semester. If your student is overwhelmed with challenging coursework, demanding extracurriculars, and perplexing testing requirements, please give us a call for a free initial consultation about your situation.

Here are three guidelines for making this semester the best one yet!

1. Get organized and develop strong study skills

Study skills are at the core of academic success. Psst! Here’s a secret: they’re at the core of success beyond school as well. Time management, note-taking, breaking down large assignments, creating study resources, and asking for help are all key skills for people of any age. 

Study skills are also a brilliant way to minimize stress. It’s all about getting all of your work done with as little panic as possible. Click to learn all about our academic study skills tutoring. You can also read up on why we train all of our academic tutors in study skills

We usually recommend that students meet with a tutor once or twice per week to provide support and coaching for study skills.

2. Consider getting for-credit coursework at AJ!

AJ Tutoring is proud to offer 1-on-1 and small group WASC-accredited courses! These courses fulfill A-G requirements for high school graduation and college admissions and are tailored to meet your needs. Our classes offer convenience, accessibility and individualized support. Our for-credit classes are ideal for students who:

  • Are looking to advance to a higher-level course.
  • Perform better in the 1-on-1 or small group teaching environments due to non-standard schedules, learning differences, or other needs.
  • Are trying to recover course credit.
  • Are trying to finish a full semester of coursework over the summer or more quickly than a standard school semester.

Contact us to learn more about our 1-on-1 or small group for-credit programs! 


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3. If you are a junior, put together a test preparation plan

We recommend that students complete a full round of testing by the end of junior year. As a general rule, all students should take the PSAT in October of the junior year and complete a full round of testing by the end of spring semester. A full round of testing would include the SAT, two to three SAT subject tests (if necessary for the schools to which the student is applying), and possibly the ACT exam. Students can retake any test in October, November, or December of the senior year.

AJ Tutoring was founded on the idea that no two students are alike: that’s why we specialize in providing 1-on-1, customized support tailored to each learner’s unique needs. If you’d like to discuss how we can help your student navigate the new year, please reach out to us.


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