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How to Get a Head Start on Fall Semester

Summer is in full swing, but the first day of school will be here before you know it! Here at AJ Tutoring, we are working with thousands of students over the summer to prepare for upcoming tests like the PSAT, SAT, and ACT; to enrich understanding of core subjects like chemistry, math and US ... Read More


Learning Training

Learning: we all think we know what it is. But how does it work? What is training? Can we learn training, or even better train learning? In this post, we'll get to know a few learning methods and some exercises, which help improve the capacity for learning. By the way, the advice in this post ... Read More


Metacognition Demystified

At AJ Tutoring, a primary goal of our academic tutoring as well as our study skills process is to teach students how to learn in the way that best suits their unique minds. In order to accomplish this, our professional tutors aim to move beyond homework help and the specifics of today’s lesson ... Read More


Building Self-Confidence in Academic Tutoring

“I’m stupid.” Nothing brings my lessons to a halt quicker than hearing a student say those two words. It breaks my heart to hear a student say that, and it is something that I have to address before the lesson continues. I have had many different students utter these words: some who ... Read More

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