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Cypress College Prep


Once upon a time, two friends had a dream. A dream of creating accessible, high quality, and intuitive tutoring services for their community. That dream developed into the AJ Tutoring that you have come to know and love. However, the dream didn’t stop there and neither did we. 

Coming September 7th, 2022 the dream will be expanding to Cypress College Prep! Our full time holistic high school built on the AJ Tutoring approach towards individualized learning. By offering a full-time high school program founded on AJT’s principles―personalized, small-group education; engaging teachers; college support; and strong family connections we remain an active member of our Bay Area community. While the application process may be closed for now, we are more excited than ever about the approaching school year. This program is a realization of a dream which shows our staff, the families we serve, and our students the impact of following through. 

Want to learn more about our CCP approach to learning and become a member of our family? Contact us today!


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