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Looking Ahead to Springtime!


The holiday lights and wrapping paper are finally put away and the leftovers have all been devoured. Now our students are back in school and getting back into their routines. Pretty soon the weather will start to warm up and spring will be upon us once again! What does springtime mean for us here at AJ Tutoring? Let’s look ahead to springtime!

  • Our March SAT and April ACT students are meeting for regular weekly sessions to begin their preparations for their exams.
  • We are scheduling follow up tutoring sessions to refresh our students who will be retaking their exams March-May.
  • Our AP students are meeting for weekly sessions and will begin preparations for their AP Exam in late February-early March.
  • Our academic students are meeting once to twice a week with their tutors to keep the second semester on track to be even more successful than the first semester was.
  • Parents are planning ahead to Spring Break to see where they can ramp up their students academically.

Have you started looking ahead to spring like we have? If not, don’t worry! Our dedicated team of Directors are standing by to take your call and help you plan ahead for springtime! If you are ready to hear how AJ can step in and offer support, then give us a call today!


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