Online tutoring

Work with a dedicated, professional tutor wherever you are with AJ Tutoring’s online tutoring program.

We offer online tutoring sessions for all of your needs


Test Prep

We offer virtual tutoring for the ISEE, SAT, ACT, and AP Exams. When you work with us online you can use AJ Tutoring’s proprietary materials and work with a trained test prep tutor, no matter where you are.


Academic Tutoring

Our content and teaching experts use our video chat, screen share, and virtual whiteboard capabilities to help you achieve academic success in almost any subject, including many college courses.


Online Seminars

We offer online courses serving 3-10 students at a time. Students ask questions and participate in real time to get a real class experience, but always have the option of re-watching recorded classes to take further notes and get the most out of every class!


We bring our extensive experience with providing high-quality tutoring in the Bay Area to students around the world with online tutoring.

AJ Tutoring’s online tutors all have experience with our in-person tutoring, and have received the same high level training as our in-person tutors. Additionally, they are given training on how to use digital platforms to best help students succeed.

Online tutoring can be done anywhere in the world, and your personal tutor will work out the best possible schedule. Using a virtual whiteboard, tutors can upload images, documents, or any other content that can help your student succeed, so both tutor and student are looking at and annotating the same materials.


Flexible tutoring designed to meet your needs

Online tutoring can offer flexibility for students in a variety of situations, including for students living abroad or in boarding schools, or those with numerous scheduling conflicts or limited transportation options.

Hundreds of students from California and around the world have been able to work with AJ Tutoring online. It can also be ideal for students who live in the Bay Area part time, but attend boarding schools or live elsewhere for part of the year. Busy students who struggle to find time to commute to our offices also find online tutoring helpful!

Speak with someone about your options for online tutoring

If you think online tutoring could be a good solution for your student, or have more questions about how it works, you can talk to our online tutoring director, Matthew Downhour at 650-331-3251 ext 776, or send us an email:

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