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Mid-Semester Check In!


The second semester is in full swing and before you know it finals will be just around the corner! Now is the perfect time to check in on students’ homework and test grades, and connect with them on the current trajectory of their course content. Our tutors can utilize all of this information to craft an individualized approach to ensure that students are staying on top of their assignments and feel confident in the course material.

If your student is taking an AP course, now is the time to begin crafting a plan to best approach the exams in May. From practice questions that mirror ones on the exam itself to content review, our 1:1 tutors are ready to help your student create a plan for success!

So whether you are looking for AP support, staying on top of assignments, or bringing up grades that are starting to slip call a Director today! Our team is standing by ready to connect you with the 1:1 subject matter expert who can help your child achieve their academic goals!

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