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The Multiplicative Magic of Learning a Second Language

Embarking on the journey of acquiring a second language unfolds a vibrant tapestry of benefits, stretching far beyond the mere ability to communicate in a new tongue. The cognitive, social, and personal gains that sprout from this linguistic endeavor reverberate into various facets of learning; ... Read More


For Your Consideration…Foreign Languages!

One of the greatest A-G requirements that high school students can experience is taking a foreign language. In these classes, your student isn’t just learning how to communicate in a new way. They are learning about a culture outside of their own, exploring rich new histories, utilizing ... Read More


Latin, The Most Underrated Foreign Language

I have often talked to students about which language they should take for their foreign language elective. Statistics show that about 70% of high school students decide to take either French or Spanish. These are some great languages with very developed curricula, and their real life ... Read More


La Dénomination de la Réalité: part 4

We will explore names and reality in mathematics and science. Roman numbering systems are good for bartering and trade, but only the adoption of the Arabic number system with its number zero allowed the birth of modern mathematics. Zero is the neutral element of addition and subtraction and ... Read More

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