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For Your Consideration…Foreign Languages!


One of the greatest A-G requirements that high school students can experience is taking a foreign language. In these classes, your student isn’t just learning how to communicate in a new way. They are learning about a culture outside of their own, exploring rich new histories, utilizing critical thinking skills, and becoming a better citizen of the world. Learning a new language can help your student get into a better college, advance in their career, and offer fun and new experiences when traveling. Here at AJ Tutoring we support our foreign language students in a variety of ways! 

  • Diagnosing any prior learning gaps and shoring up their foundational skills.
  • Keeping up to date with current assignments.
  • Pre Teaching upcoming required skills.
  • Developing stronger comprehension skills through targeted instruction and exercise.
  • Explaining and dissecting the unique grammar rules associated with that language.
  • Developing deeper engagement with the content through customized spoken and written practice.

At the end of the day being able to confidently communicate in another language is one of the greatest gifts a person can receive. If your student is currently enrolled in a language course and is looking for enrichment opportunities or additional support, call an AJ Director today!


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