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The March SAT is Upon Us!


Twas the night before the SAT and all through the house some students felt nervous and some students did not! The students who prepped were tucked snug in their beds while visions of the 1600’s swirled in their heads. The students who waited stayed up way too late and attempted to cram since they chose to wait. When morning arrived the students who prepped remembered their strategies and ate and leapt out the door, while the students who did not rushed and rushed some more! 

Here are some simple tips to feel more confident and prepared before you sit for your exam!

  1. Get a good night’s rest and stick to your regular routines! 
  2. Don’t stay up until the wee hours cramming material, if you know it then you know it and if you don’t then you don’t. 
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast in the morning! The SAT is a multi-hour test so Toaster Pastries or just a coffee will not fuel your brain!
  4. Dress comfortably and wear layers! You never know how hot or cold a testing room will be.
  5. Pack snacks and bring water and make sure you grab your favorite mask!
  6. Take a deep breath and do your best!

Here at AJ Tutoring, we are here to support the planners and the crammers with our unique and customized approach to SAT Test Prep. Our 1-1 SAT tutoring sessions or small group classes are here to help you feel confident heading into that test. 80% of AJ Tutoring’s students improve at least 100 points on the SAT. If you are interested in learning more please call us today at (650) 331-3251!

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