Arjun Vijayakumar

Test Prep and Academic Tutor

Science has always fascinated me, and nothing is more rewarding than sharing my knowledge and understanding with budding scientists. For college, I attended UC Davis and earned a BS in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior (NPB) and a BA in Psychology. As an undergraduate, I was able to become a lab tutor for biology and hone my 1-on-1 instruction skills. Though I tutored fellow students in high school and had long been a resource for classmates who needed difficult concepts explained clearly, my tutoring experience in college solidified my ability to adapt my approach to the differing needs of a wide variety of students. I also participated in internships at the UC Davis Medical Center, where I had the opportunity to work with neurosurgeons, psychologists, and cardiologists. After graduating, I decided to become a Registered Behavior Technician and work closely with children with autism.

Because tutoring is a dynamic process, 1-on-1 sessions are ideal for helping students better understand the material. The optimal teaching methods always change depending on the needs of the student. As an experienced science tutor, I have worked with students of all different learning styles and abilities. I have grown to excel at finding the appropriate method for each individual. I prioritize breaking down a topic into terms that each student can really understand. Doing so makes the whole class more intuitive and enjoyable.

On my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, ultimate Frisbee and football. I’m always up for an adventure, whether it be to try a new restaurant or a new hiking spot around the bay. On my less exciting days, I avidly watch TV shows like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. I’m also a fan of board games like Settlers of Catan, Powergrid, and Agricola.

Subjects Tutored

SAT Subject Biology E/M
Academic Biology
AP Biology
AP Psychology

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