Audrey Gomez

Test Prep Tutor and Director of Client Services

I have been involved in education as a tutor, teaching assistant, and teacher since I was a student in sixth grade. I am curious, eager to learn, and excited to meet new people, and so tutoring has brought me a lot of joy and satisfaction. I truly enjoy helping people and sharing my interests with others.

I grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains, and I attended various Catholic and college-preparatory schools in San Francisco. Some of my most valuable learning experiences occurred when I was challenged by my teachers, coaches, and trainers. I appreciated their support, structure, and inclusivity, which allowed me to build up my confidence academically and socially. I realized that I also wanted to be that same source of encouragement and support for future students and athletes.

I attended Gonzaga University, where I majored in mathematics; I also completed coursework and gained student teaching experience through their education program. After college, I spent a year as an alumni volunteer at my previous high school, giving back to my school community. I supported students as an academic tutor, math teacher, mentor, and running coach. I worked with students with learning differences and students of diverse backgrounds, and I guided several of my junior and senior students through the college application process and math test prep tutoring for the SAT. I then spent several years employed as a full-time middle school science and math teacher. 

In all of my teaching experiences, I have noticed that my students are most successful when they foster their curiosity and are open to new challenges. Beyond fostering a growth mindset in my students, I help them develop the executive functioning skills that allow them to be more organized and become independent learners. As a tutor, I like to help students navigate math word problems or reading comprehension questions by focusing on key information, identifying the purpose of the question, and applying multiple methods and tools to solve the problem. I provide clear, step-by-step tutorials and encourage my students to take written notes that they can look back on when they are practicing independently. I also believe in focusing on improving students’ attention to detail and the level of organization in their written work.

I like to utilize my math skills within my personal life. Whether I am designing and building in a woodworking class, or I am planning and budgeting materials for raised garden beds, I think of math as a functional and valuable subject to master. If I am not working in my garden, I spend my free time camping, running, drawing, painting, reading, and dancing.

Subjects Tutored:

K-12 Private School Interview, Writing Sample, and Applications
Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Geometry
Academic K-8
Academic Trigonometry




Happy Parents and Students

 The most helpful part of my tutoring was definitely talking through how to approach different types of questions. The methods I've learned allow me to answer questions even when they initially seem overwhelming. AJ Tutoring does a great job of focusing on students' individual needs and targeting them. I also really enjoy the practice tests because they prepare me to be less stressed during my test.   Read what others are saying

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